We have a serious problem when it comes to sourcing ethical products that not only respect the environment but our skin and emotions too. 

If you are like me, you dislike the fact that so many of today's products contain toxic chemicals, are heavily wrapped in plastic or were tested on fur babies. These types of products do not resonate with my values or support my emotional well being. 

Did you know?

  • We wear an average of 500 chemicals on our skin each day 
  • Smells can evoke strong emotional reactions
  • Essential oils can have a profound effect on your physiology and behaviour
  • The only way to stimulate the emotional brain is through your sense of smell 

Flaurae was inspired by my heartfelt mission to create a range of products that are sourced from nature and nourish the body and mind. I developed a selection of botanical essences that focus on empowering people like you and me. Flaurae encourages you to partake in more self-love rituals (whenever and wherever possible) that bring you closer to who you truly are. 

If you’re currently using harmful products that don’t support your emotional well being, let us help you change that.