What We Should Take Away from the Stink Documentary

If you’re thinking about watching Stink, get ready to feel a mix of anger and fear. The documentary follows Jon Whelan who discovers an odd smell emanating from a pair of pyjamas he bought his daughter for Christmas and is determined to find out what it is.

 It might’ve been released 5 years ago but Stink’s findings are still as relevant as ever. If you haven’t watched it yet or simply want a few cliff notes, we’ve outlined them below.

What Stink Teaches Us as Consumers

  • Products are not as thoroughly checked as you would like to think

Many brands would like you to believe that their products are thoroughly checked for harmful chemicals, but this isn’t always the case. Official organisations such as the FDA don’t actually require manufacturers to disclose the chemical content of their products. Many ingredients labels use words such as flavour and fragrance, which are umbrellas terms for a number of different chemicals.

  • Toxins are affecting our bodies daily

We don’t actually know what and how many toxins we are pumping into our bodies on a daily basis and how this is affecting our DNA. After sending this pair of pyjamas to a lab, Jon discovered both flame retardant and endocrine disrupting chemicals were present, which can affect the regulation of cell and organ activity and mutate our genes. It’s one thing to think about what these can do to an adult human but another to a growing foetus.

  • More consumers are taking a stand

One of the positives of this documentary is that more consumers are taking the time to educate themselves and are demanding more information about the products they use. It also shows that if we stand together and fight for what we believe in, we can start changing the way companies manufacture and sell their products.

Following this documentary, Obama brought the Lautenberg Act to life, which requires products to be cleared by the Environmental Protection Agency before it is sold to consumers. Basically, consumer safety has increased slightly since this documentary but it’s still important for consumers to be more aware and to research the products they are using on a regular basis.

Natural products are becoming increasingly popular not only because it eliminates harmful chemicals but because natural ingredients offer an array of additional mental and physical benefits too.

The Stink! documentary is available on Netflix.

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