8 Inspirational Podcasts to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

Podcasts are more popular than ever and the beauty is that you can listen to them at home, during your lunch break or while you’re on the road. It’s really never been easier to fill your spare minutes with something inspiring. 

If you’ve been looking for new ways to show yourself more love during the week, here are a few podcasts that you might want to incorporate into your day.

Feel-Good Podcasts You’ll Love Listening To

1. The Highest Self Podcast 

Hosted by Sahara Rose, The Highest Self Podcast received over 1 million monthly downloads and for good reason. Tune in to hear author and wellness personality, Sahara, chat about finding your purpose and blossoming into your highest self. This podcast will lift your spirits and inspire you to lead a meaningful life.

2. Terrible, Thanks for Asking 

Don’t let the title of this podcast fool you, Terrible, Thanks for Asking is one of the few podcasts that promote the fact that it’s ok to not feel ok all the time. Hosted by author Nora Mclnerny, this podcast is sad, funny, uncomfortable but it’s real, which is why it’s so inspiring. 

3. The Party in My Plants

This fun podcast is all about healthy living and how you can feel and look good without having to make lifestyle changes you hate. Talia Pollock makes healthy living simple and fun by venting and answering questions in a way that everyone can relate to. Whether you want to eat better, learn how to meditate or sneak snacks into the movies, The Party In My Plants podcast is for you. 

4. Let’s Discuss

The Let’s Discuss podcast is all about love, work, wellbeing and creating a life you can be proud of. Hosted by lifestyle bloggers Ella Gregory & Monica Beatrice Welburn are sharing their own personal journeys with listeners, ensuring you get one step closer to living a happier, stress-free life, while also becoming the best version of yourself.

5. Style Your Mind

    Hosted by Cara Alwill, Style Your Mind is for women who want to feel more empowered, redefine their thoughts and lead a beautiful life. Cara is a life coach and personal development author who helps women to elevate their thinking in order to reinvent their lives. These powerful conversations are super-inspiring and uplifting. 

    6. Vibe Tribe Wellness

    If you want to learn how to overcome insecurities, poor eating and lifestyle habits and stop your ego from getting the better of you, the Vibe Tribe is here to help you out. Becka and Rachael have learned never to regret any of their choices as they were either a lesson or a blessing. Tune into this podcast for all things wellness, food and self-love.

    7. Earn Your Happy

    Connect to your soul, build stronger relationships, get focused and move past fear with the help of Lori Harder, fitness expert and founder of the Bliss Project. Each Earn Your Happy episode is filled with ideas, honest discussions and tools that will change your life for the better. Lori encourages listeners to fall in love with life again by regaining control of their thoughts and actions.

    8. The Balanced Blonde

    The Balanced Blonde is hosted by Jordan, who loves discussing wellness, friendship and entrepreneurship. Jordan’s interviews are real, inspiring and makes you feel as if you have a friend in your living room. 

    There you have it - a list of some of our favourite inspirational podcasts. We would love to hear about your favourites. 

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