5 Ways to Live Well in a Chemical Ridden World

It might seem impossible to avoid chemicals when we’re surrounded by them on a daily basis, both at home and during our everyday activities.

A study by Global Healing Center showed that you can easily be exposed to over 2 million toxins on a daily basis. It’s difficult to even wrap your head around a stat like that, so why bother trying to limit your exposure at all?

Making small changes to live a more chemical-free life is better than doing nothing at all, especially over the long term. Our bodies were never meant to deal with chemicals at all, let alone at this level. It’s for this reason that making even the smallest changes can be highly beneficial.

Easy Ways to Minimise Your Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

  1. Use natural cleaners at home

Yes, you will require more product and a little extra elbow grease to clean your home with natural products but at least you won’t be exposing your food and family to additional chemicals. There are a number of brands that now specialise in natural cleaning products, so they’re not difficult to find. You can even go the old-school route of using ingredients such as bicarb and vinegar.

  1. Buy organic beauty products

We’re very fortunate to live in a world where we have easy access to natural beauty and skincare products. You might be reluctant to make the switch because it’s new to you and you aren’t as familiar with these types of brands. However, one simple online search will give you all the information you need and it’s easier to find these types of products than you might think – you are on the Flaurae website after all.  

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  1. Opt for organic and sustainable products

If you think that eating organic food and grass-fed meat is cliched, remember that your body was always meant to get nutrition from clean, natural ingredients. Eating organically limits your exposure to pesticides, herbicides and man-modified organisms. Eating cleaner foods reduces your risk of potentially developing health issues, including cancer, skin disorders and mental health concerns. Over and above this, you’ll be doing your part for the environment and communities around the world.

  1. Clear out the plastics

When you use less plastic, you reduce your exposure to BPAs and other chemicals that are known to be harmful to your health. Some of the ways that you can clear out plastics in your home including using glass storage containers, beeswax wrap instead of cling wrap and swapping out plastic drinking bottles for their glass or steel counterparts.

  1. Filter your water

Limit your exposure to chemicals that are used to purify water by using a filter. Whether you add a filter to your taps at home or buy a few jugs that have a built-in filter, this small change is another way to live a more chemical-free life.

Making this switch isn’t difficult, it’s just a case of getting started. You can still live life the way you always have, even with low-tox products. Making these choices is not just for your own benefit but for the benefit of future generations too.

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